My Role β€”
Senior Product Designer

Sep 2019 - Present

Building the internet of value.

Business impact, powered by crypto and blockchain.

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There is one objective for the Ripple brand - make it iconic.

Ripple's Brand Design System and Tone of Voice provide flexibility where needed yet are cohesive enough so it will always look, feel, and sound unmistakably Ripple.

Ripple Design System


The Triskelion, is composed of three circles connected in the center. It communicates connection, community, and the power of networks.

The entire logo anchors not only Ripple's corporate brand but also our platform brands and our flagship event, Ripple Swell.


Illustration plays a key role in representing concepts simply and clearly.

Our vibrant, active design lends energy and creates understanding in a uniquely compelling manner.
At its core, illustration communicates the potential of our solutions. Flexible across a variety of common themes, from expansion to networks and beyond, our illustration style is built for storytelling.


Ripple's Typography choices create structure and hierarchy.

The primary typeface is TT Ripple, a unique and modern sans-serif adapted to our specific needs for brand expression, brand differentiation, functionality and scalability. It allows us to create designs that clearly and efficiently communicate our messaging in a consistent and user-friendly way.

The Voronoi Pattern it's the new key graphic element.

Ripple's graphics system creates a unique and memorable brand impression. They help visually distinguish platform brands so they may adapt and continue to evolve while connecting back to and supporting the core identity.


System Icons provide the foundation for Ripple's interface language.

They are designed to be visible, clear, consistent and flexible. The style reflects precision and action without sacrificing clarity.


Crypto Liquidity β€” Integrate digital assets seamlessly.

Today, businesses must leverage both digital assets and fiat to fuel their operations and need a reliable and scalable source of cost-efficient liquidity.

Ripple Liquidity Hub is a turn-key platform that provides businesses with a streamlined way to buy, sell and hold digital assets. Businesses can access multiple liquidity pools and advanced trading features, including post-trade settlement, all through a single-API experience.

Liquidity Hub Platform

Enabling the world to move value the way information moves today.

Through blockchain technology, Ripple enables global financial institutions, businesses, governments and developers to move, manage and tokenize value, helping to unlock greater economic opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

Ripple's mission is to build breakthrough crypto solutions for a world without economic borders.

Ripple Website

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