I am Patryk Kopeć
A Product Designer
Currently designing & improving the open platform for money, Xpring

Always Open
To New Opportunities.

Step by step, every practice is a learning process.

At this moment I work on meditation mobile app called Zendo. Previously was a part of ServiceTitan and FlashFunders where I learnt a lot of stuff thanks to incredibly talented people 🙌

Also, last few years I spent at Universities learning new things where I got two degrees in a design field 🎉
2017 - 2019
Master Degree
2012 - 2016
Bachelor Degree

Work hard & play harder just have fun.

It’s a really great feeling when you see that your project was featured by cool sites like Behance. I experienced that feeling three times and waiting for the next ones 😎

To be honest I hate writing...
So let’s try to write something new!

Writing is terrible and it’s definitely not my strong suite 💔
Every practice is a learning process and on the other hand, I'm very curious about how people react about my stories…