Personal Branding
As a designer it’s nice to have a logo. Let’s go one step further and build the whole personal branding & just have fun!

A Product Designer
Obsessed Over Each Detail.

The main purpose of my
Personal Branding.

Thanks to this, I want to let you know who I am, what I do, what is my professional experience & skills, and set of my projects I had the opportunity and pleasure to work on.

Identity Sign in two languages?

At this moment I cooperate with people from United States. Considering that I’m from Poland I decided to use two variants of identity.
To illustrate it well, I prepared an animation which is connecting two signs.

Style guide, brand assets & promotional materials.

I got an idea to create a brand guideline, thanks to that I can keep every style rules in one place. If you want to check a guide in high resolution, feel free to download it here.
High Resolution Presentation
Business Cards - I used a consistent style in accordance with the principles of my brand rules. I used a white and black paper called Keaykolour Original (600g in total). I also decided on colored edges using Pantone 877u.
Do you want to get one?