My Role —
Founder & Designer

Apr 2017 - Present

A multidisciplinary designer.

This project gave me a Master's degree at SWPS University in Poland.

Also, the project was appreciated and featured by Awwwards twice.

I focused on creating a unique brand based on authenticity and sincerity.

Initially, we should set the goal we want to achieve. My first goal was to take up the challenge and try to face the most demanding client I had so far - myself. I had to realize what kind of person I am, my character traits, and why I want to do this.

What is the reason for having an identity sign in two language variants?

At this moment, I cooperate with people from the United States. Considering I’m from Poland, I used two identity variants to feel that relation. You can see two signs side by side below.



I decided to limit the colors to a minimum.

I use mainly white, gray, and black colors. The primary purpose of this decision was to keep the design as transparent as possible, along with minimalism and simplicity. By creating a “transparent” background, each project stands out individually, e.g., making the thumbnails on the homepage more visible, expressive, and unique.



R:248 G:248 B:248

C:2 M:1 Y:1 K:0



R:17 G:17 B:17

C:73 M:67 Y:66 K:83



R:117 G:117 B:117

C:55 M:47 Y:46 K:12



R:51 G:51 B:51

C:69 M:63 Y:62 K:58

Simplicity, readability, minimalism, classic, and professionalism of typography design.

Eina01 has many thickness variations, undoubtedly one of its many advantages. Because the website I created and the rest of the brand materials were designed in two different languages, it was also crucial that the primary font have Polish characters.

I went one step further and designed advertising stuff such as business cards.

In their case, the graphic design, as well as the weight and texture of the paper, is essential. I used a consistent style to the principles of my brand rules. I used standard dimensions in the vertical version - 90mm x 55mm. I also included bleeds that are 3mm on each side. I used a white and black paper called Keaykolour Original (600g). I also decided on colored edges using Pantone 877u.

Silver Edges

Do you want to talk about art or drink something tasty together?

If yes, please don’t be shy and message me at or find me on my social media linked below 💪

I currently live in Poland 🇵🇱