A Product Designer Obsessed Over Details.

Personal Branding Product Designer Patryk Kopeć.

The idea was born in my head when I realized that I want to start promoting myself on the internet and social media. Thanks to this site, I want to let you know who I am, what I do, what is my professional experience and skills, and the set of my projects, which I had the opportunity and pleasure to work on.

I cooperate with people from
United States & Poland, so I decided to use my identity in two languages.

To illustrate it well, I created a short animation connecting two signs. I divided a logo into two parts. First - black, which is constant part, and second - grey, which is changing.

The right size is so damn important to keep everyone happy.

Designing every single screen for different kind of devices is like  „must to have” today. Do you think about „mobile first” or do you leave mobile designs as a last step?

Design style, brand assets & promotional materials.

I got an idea to create a brand guideline, thanks to that I can keep every style rules in one place. If you want to check a guide in high resolution, feel free to download it here.
I published a few graphic materials on my social media like Facebook, Instagram. I just wanted to let know everybody about my new site. Also, I decided to post a few shots on Dribbble.
Feel free to message me if you want to get brand new business cards and specials stickers using my identity.