Invest In Companies
You Believe In.

An equity crowdfunding platform based in sunny Santa Monica.

FlashFunders, an equity crowdfunding platform, connects global investors with companies raising capital, enabling everyone to own a piece of a company they believe in for as little as $50.

FlashFunders Style Guide.

To make everything consistent at our platforms, we decided to build a style guide, which is showing most of rules we have to obey. If you want to check a guide in high resolution, feel free to download it here.

The right size is so damn important to keep everyone happy.

Designing every single screen for different kind of devices is like  „must to have” today. Do you think about „mobile first” or do you leave mobile designs as a last step?

Brand assets & promotional materials.

I selected a few graphics which are part of FlashFunders style guide. You can see one of examples of our Newsletter and typical card which is representing fundraising by a company called „Vessix”.
The office of FlashFunders is located in Santa Monica, where work incredibly talented Product Managers, Designers, Developers and Marketers as well.

Great opportunity to work with talented people.

I had a pleasure to build this project with great product designer, strategist and just nice person — other words please meet Christina Chan.
She appreciated my design skills and hired me into FlashFunders as a Product Designer, thanks 🙌